About ACE

Who We Are:

Partners working together to provide Alabama communities with the community development programs and tools needed to ensure their long term success.

What We Do:

Providing technical assistance to select communities in order to strengthen their long-term economic success

ACE’s comprehensive three-phase approach targets communities with populations ranging from 2,000 to 18,000. Using a competitive application process, communities are selected based on the level of local commitment to the ACE program and the community’s capacity to support the ACE program.

Phase I: Assessment
An ACE Team of experts across a range of topics visits the community, and based on their observations develops a comprehensive “report card” detailing community assets and recommending possible strategies.

Phase II: Leadership Development and Strategic Planning
With guidance from a skilled ACE facilitator, the community develops a strategic plan, including formal vision and mission statements and goals and actions items for implementing the strategies. Phase II also includes establishment of an ongoing Leadership Development Program.

Phase III: Implementation and Comprehensive Planning
During Phase III, the community begins implementation of the strategic plan created during Phase II, and initiates work on a comprehensive plan that will be a long-term guide for development of infrastructure and community facilities.

Upon successful completion of all three phases, communities are designated an Alabama Community of Excellence. Graduating communities are recognized at the Alabama League of Municipalities annual convention.