Center Point

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About Center Point

Center Point is a new city having incorporated in 2002, but has grown out of an historic community beginning with the Native Americans that occupied the land in the 1700’s. The Reed family settled what is now Center Point in 1816. The community celebrated its bicentennial in 2016.

In terms of economic development, the City of Center Point has much in its favor. The city is in close proximity to three major interstate systems (US 65, 59/20 and 459) and has two state highway systems running through its city limits (AL Hwy 75 and 79). Alabama Highway 75 is the main thoroughfare for the city and has over 35,000 automobiles travel this road on a daily basis. Retail Coach has done a demographic survey for retail/industrial relocations in the city and reported there are 65,000 people in the trade area and 100,000 within a ten-mile radius of the city. Therefore, the pool for both employment recruitment and consumers is a large one.

While these numbers are high in density, they do not detract from the small town feel and sense of community one experiences in Center Point. With a four-school feeder pattern and a large number of religious institutions, there is plenty of opportunity for community engagement. Center Point is home to three parks in its recreation department and has a strong youth sports program. There are a number of community events throughout the year that engage a large segment of the population (annual Christmas Parade and tree lighting ceremony, two festivals, National Night Out, summer farmers market and etc.

As a fiscally responsible entity, the City of Center Point could not be in better shape. Using an aggressive grant writing strategy, the city has been able to add millions of dollars of both necessities and amenities without going into major debt during one of the greatest economic downturns in history. In fact, the city has no debt. This places Center Point in a unique position financially. Fifteen years of very prudent fiscal management has left the city with a great credit record in a time when other local governments are scrambling to make ends meet. With the addition of Autocar, the oldest truck company in America, bringing 745 new jobs, and the newly purchased property for a community center and library, the city is poised and primed for growth. The foundation has been laid and it is time to construct the future.

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