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About Chelsea

Creek Indians once owned and hunted the land where the City of Chelsea now stands. Soon after the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, European settlers began flocking into the area, and by the mid-1800s, several pioneer homesteads were located among these hills and hollows. When the railroad cut through the Yellowleaf Narrows in 1908, the area post office was relocated, people began moving closer to the tracks, and the town of Chelsea, first called Melrose, was born. Prominent store owners included Crane, Blackerby, Weldon, and Chesser. Other early settlers were the Gilbert, Kendrick, Niven/Nivens, Quinn, Sherley, and Spearman families.

Nestled against the southern edge of the scenic Double Oak Mountains, Chelsea was originally an agricultural community. It began shifting to a bedroom community when The Narrows picturesque roadway was carved from the Mountains in the early 1930s. Local farmers first dug a route with their plows to prove it was possible. The state then took over and blasted a gravel roadway. Later the U.S. Highway Department widened and paved it as U.S. 280. Everyone marveled at the rugged beauty as they traveled to the original Lloyd’s BBQ in Chelsea. A four lane bypassed the Narrows in the 1980s and the way was clear for Southeastern expansion of Birmingham.

Chelsea was not incorporated until 1996 and had a population of only 908. By 2008, the population had grown to approximately 9,000. Chelsea is currently rated Alabama’s second fastest growing city with a population of 12,341. It is a family centered community and was ranked the number one city for families in the state of Alabama. With it’s unique neighborhood developments, quality schools, business community, park and recreation facilities Chelsea is one of Alabama’s most desirable family cities.

By: Shelba & Tony Nivens

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