Spirit of cooperation enables Fayette to flourish as an Alabama Community of Excellence

Downtown Fayette has blossomed in recent years thanks to cooperation, hard work and assistance from the ACE program. (City of Fayette) For nearly 75 years, one of Alabama’s most iconic food concoctions has been produced in the small town of Fayette. Th …

About Fayette

Fayette County was created on Dec. 20, 1824 , from portions of Tuscaloosa and Marion counties. It is located in the northwest-central section of the state. The county was named for Gen. Lafayette who was touring Alabama at the time of the county’s formation. Fayette is the county seat of our county.

As early as 1821, a small village existed at the present Old Town (near Five Points) and was called La Fayette. From that location settlers could see out over the Sipsey River Valley. It was this village that would over the years become present day Fayette.

These days, Fayette is a flourishing city with abundant natural resources and outstanding industries. It is a city with glorious past, a prosperous present and an excellent future.

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