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ACE Designates Geneva as an Alabama Community of Excellence

Rufus Lee – Geneva Mayor Pro-Tem; Tracy Delaney, ACE Team Captain; Sidney Hoover, ACE Executive Director; Geneva Mayor – Frankie Lindsey; Jonathan Tullos, ACE Team Member; Mary Shell, ACE Team Member Geneva, Alabama earned the designation of an “Alabam …

About Geneva

“Geneva is the largest city in Geneva county with a population of 4,500. The population almost doubles during the work week as residents conduct business at the courthouse, shop and receive medical care.

The City of Geneva, is the county seat of Geneva County located in southeast Alabama. Geneva is the largest city in the county with a population of 4,452.

The City of Geneva has a rich history as a river town. The junction where the Choctawhatchee and Talakahatchee (Pea) Rivers meet actually forms one of the city limit borders of Geneva.

The town of Geneva was founded by Henry A. Yonge in the early 1820s as an Indian trading post at the junction of these two rivers. Early navigation of the river was by log barges. Before long steamboats were regularly plying the river and were being built in Geneva.

The Lincoln Flood of 1861 all but destroyed the early settlement. As a result the decision was made to move the settlement to higher ground thus a new town was built at the north end of what is today Commerce Street. Geneva was incorporated as a City under the Acts of Alabama February 15, 1875. River trade flourished through the 1890’s. As river transportation ended with the coming of railroads, a new era in the history of our country began. Geneva adapted to this new era and moved forward, grew and prospered.

The new City once again flooded in 1929 causing the construction of a 2.9 mile earth-filled levee through WPA labor in the 1930’s. Having been completed renovated in 2007 this structure still protects the City today.

Geneva eventually became associated with the textile industry. The economy flourished with cotton mills and clothing factories employing some 2,000 individuals. The late 1990’s saw an end to the textile era and the closing of textile mills in Geneva.

Still the City has persevered. Industries such as Sysco Foods of the Gulf Coast, Reliable Products, Lincoln Fabrics and Outdoor Aluminum provide jobs to areas residents. The retail industry in Geneva has shown steady growth and offers not only jobs to residents but a variety of products and services so often sought after in today’s fast paced way of life. The City of Geneva continues to finds a way to grow and prosper. This can only be attributed to the type of citizens that make up Geneva, hardworking citizens full of determination and pride.

The City of Geneva is an ideal community for families looking to relocate as well as industry looking to open or expand.

Be sure to enjoy these Attractions while visiting Geneva.

  1. Festival on the Rivers
  2. River Oaks Golf Course
  3. Gran Jan’s
  4. The Shoppe
  5. Y’all Come Eat
  6. Mr. Bills
  7. 27 South Lounge
  8. Bob and Carols Antiques Uniques
  9. Boderline Krazy Mexican/American Cuisine
  10. Fowler Park/ River Junction
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517 S Commerce Street, Geneva, AL | 334-684-2485
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