Haleyville answers the call as an Alabama Community of Excellence

“ACE gives you the structure of how to work on these things, then it goes through the steps of how to accomplish them,” said Haleyville Mayor Ken Sunseri, who was elected in 2008 and is serving his third term.

About Haleyville

Located in the northwest corner of Winston County in the Sate of Alabama, the City of Haleyville had a population of 4173 in the 2010 census. The City is located approximately 60 miles south of the Quad-Cities area, 90 miles northwest of Birmingham and 75 miles north of Tuscaloosa. The city is bordered on the west by Marion County and to the north by Franklin County. The main vehicle traffic thoroughfares in and around the City of Haleyville are Alabama Highway 5, Alabama Highway 129, and Alabama Highway 195. Railway service is provided by the Norfolk Southern Railroad. Industries and private citizens utilize Haleyville’s 5000 foot runway at the Haleyville Airport.

Haleyville has it own city school system that is considered one of the better school systems within the State of Alabama. The city also offers excellent recreational facilities and programs. Industries are mainly tied to the furniture manufacturing business and suppliers to the manufactured housing industry.

The physical development of the City of Haleyville has been influenced by several factors: the location of the railroad, the proximity to major roads, the availability of a labor force, and the ownership of property. The original development occurred along the railroad. The railroad provided jobs and doctors, dentists, horse traders, blacksmiths, and druggists came and even the 5 & 10 in 1929. The present day Dixie Theater opened in 1948. Supermarkets, Cafés and the Drive-In were part of the 50’s. Cotton production and a cotton gin were the source of income for local families. A radio station, newspaper and television followed. Main Street (downtown Haleyville) filled up and was the center of activity especially on the weekend when everyone “went to town.”The major impact on the commercial and industrial development is the limited city limits.

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