Alamuchee-Bellamy Covered Bridge


The Alamuchee-Bellamy Covered Bridge was originally designed and constructed over the Sucarnoochee River by Confederate Army Captain William Alexander Campbell Jones and was used as an access route to Mississippi by Confederate forces led by General Nathan Bedford Forrest. The Bridge is now a county-owned wooden covered bridge that spans the northeast corner of Duck Pond in Sumter County, Alabama, United States. It is located on the campus of the University of West Alabama behind Reed Hall, which is off Student Union Drive in the city ofLivingston. Built in 1861, the 88-foot (27-meter) bridge is a Town Lattice truss construction over a single span. The Alamuchee-Bellamy Covered Bridge is one of five existing covered bridges in Alabama built before 1950 not listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of the oldest covered bridges still existing in Alabama. The Alamuchee-Bellamy Covered Bridge now serves as a campus access route for college students and also attracts visitors from various places to a longstanding piece of history in Sumter County. It has been made wheelchair accessible, and also has lights inside the bridge for nighttime illumination.The bridge is maintained by the Sumter County Historical Society.

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