Courthouse Square


The Courthouse Square is located in the heart of Livingston. Within the Square, you will find the Sumter County Courthouse, Confederate Monument, and the Bored Well. This courthouse is the third courthouse in the history of the county. The first courthouse was a log structure about two blocks southwest of its present location. The second courthouse was constructed in 1839 on same site as the existing courthouse, but was destroyed by fire in 1901. The present courthouse was erected on July 9, 1902. The current courthouse now is listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

The Confederate Monument is located on Highway 11 side of the Courthouse Square. The monument was unveiled as a tribute to the area’s Confederate soldiers on June 17, 1909.

The Bored Well was completed in 1857 by an auger being pulled by a mule. The well is noted for its extremely unusual salty taste. Originally, the well was covered with a Chinese-temple roof but was removed in 1924. The temple roof was replaced by the current brick structure. At one point, the mineral water extracted from the well was bottled and shipped to various parts of the United States. The well was also used as a health spa.

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