Alabama Historical Commission

“The Alabama Historical Commission (AHC) is proud to be a partner member of the Alabama Communities of Excellence Board and long supporter of this community development program. Staff participates on the board, work committees, community assessments, and the strategic planning process. Communities with interest in our programs receive assistance from appropriate staff. Our agency has developed some wonderful local preservation programs through our work with ACE, most notably in Monroeville, Guntersville, Montevallo, Arab, Fayette, Abbeville, and Foley.”

Lee Anne Wofford
Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer
Alabama Historical Commission

Ms. Mary Mason Shell is the ACE representative for the Alabama Historical Commission. The Alabama Historical Commission (AHC) is the state agency charged with safeguarding Alabama’s historic buildings and sites. It was created by an act of the state legislature in 1966, and currently consists of 21 appointed members who represent a broad cross section of Alabamians. Architects, historians, archaeologists, and representatives of Alabama’s universities are members of the AHC.

The Alabama Historical Commission’s goals and objectives parallel those in the Alabama Statewide Comprehensive Preservation Plan. These goals guide the agency’s federally-funded historic preservation programs, the state-funded preservation programs and the AHC’s historic sites. The Historical Commission has a variety of educational programs available and grant funds that are described on the website including certified local governments; teacher resources, main street education and forum for black heritage, etc. Visit the website for more information: