Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association

Tami Reist
President and CEO
Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association

Ms. Tami Reist is the ACE representative for the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association and currently serves as Secretary of ACE. The Association formed in 1964 with the express purpose of developing North Alabama’s travel industry and marketing the region to the traveling public.  The Association serves sixteen counties with an ever-expanding membership base representing progressive travel-regulated businesses and associations as well as various levels of government.  Our hope is to expand and not duplicate, the objectives or efforts of local associations and organizations that represent specific industry components.
We all prosper by working together in a unified effort to promote the sixteen-county region’s natural, historic and man-made attractions.  Ms. Reist is the President and CEO of the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association.  Tami and The Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association have lived by the theme expressed by heroine Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

The Association’s mission is to better North Alabama tourism by:

  • Promote and facilitate travel to and within the North Alabama region.
  • Concentrate and apply our efforts on the facilities and services of the entire region.
  • Increase the awareness of tourism and its economic impact on the region.
  • Promote integrity, good faith, and equitable principles within our industry.
  • Develop and implement marketing programs for the region.
  • Provide representation at all levels of government.
  • Encourage the further development of the natural and historic attractions in the region.
  • Provide cooperative efforts and support to local tourism development programs.
  • Establish a collective forum to protect and enhance your business interest.
  • Strengthen the travel industry in the region through a series of educational seminars.

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