Alabama Department of Public Health

Alabama Department of Public Health
201 Monroe Street, RSA Tower, Suite 710
P.O. Box 303017
Montgomery, AL 36130-3017

Phone: (334) 206-5300
Fax: (334) 206-5434

Under this very comprehensive  website, there is an A-Z directory that covers every program in public health.  In addition there is a facility directory listing all clinics, hospitals, nursing homes etc. in the state.

The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) is the primary state health agency for the state of Alabama.  The purpose of the Alabama Department of Public Health is to provide caring, high quality, and professional services for the improvement and protection of the public’s health through disease prevention and the assurance of public services to resident and transient populations of the state regardless of social circumstances or the ability to pay.  The Department of Public Health works closely with the community to preserve and protect the public’s health and to provide caring, quality services.

The State Office of Rural Health (SORH) is administered through the Alabama Department of Public Health.  This office administers the State Office of Rural Health program, the state Primary Care office, and state office of Minority Health and serves as state-level contacts for federal health initiatives in their respective areas of responsibility.  The Office of Primary Care and Rural Health serves as contact for rural and minority health information and supports rural communities in health professions recruitment, identification of underserved communities, grant identification, telemedicine resources, and data collection/analysis.

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