Alabama Rural Electric Association of Cooperatives (AREA)

Alabama Rural Electric Association of Cooperatives (AREA)
340 TechnaCenter Drive
Montgomery, AL 36117

Phone: 334-215-2732;  800-410-2732
Fax: 334-215-2733
Mr. Fred Braswell III, President and CEO (E-mail:

The Alabama Rural Electric Association of Cooperatives (AREA) is a member-owned and member-controlled association.  AREA provides a wide range of services statewide under one umbrella, enabling cooperatives to express themselves with a unified voice.  The result of this partnership is local community growth with the highest quality electric service at the lowest possible cost for rural electric consumers.  The AREA is the statewide trade association serving Alabama’s 22 electric distribution cooperatives, PowerSouth Energy Cooperative and the Tennessee Valley Authority. In summary, AREA will: 1) support the distribution and generation and transmission of the cooperatives; 2) provide information programs that will stimulate local growth, stability and security; 3) operate for the benefit of its member cooperatives; and 4) provide the means and organization by which all electric cooperatives in Alabama can accomplish legislation needed on a state level.

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