Alabama’s Forever Wild Program and Natural Resources

Alabama’s Forever Wild Program and Natural Resources
State Lands Division
64 North Union Street, Suite 468
Montgomery, AL 36130-1456

Phone: (334) 242-3465 (Forever Wild)
Phone: (334) 242-3412 (State Land’s Div.)
Fax: (334) 242-0999


Since it was established by constitutional amendment in 1992, the Forever Wild Land Trust has purchased more than 227,000 acres of land for public use. As of 2012, Alabama still had the smallest percentage of public conservation land (3.66 percent) in the Southeastern U.S. The Forever Wild Land Trust permanently owns 165,807 acres of this land, less than .51 percent of Alabama’s total land area. Additional land has also been secured under a long-term recreational lease.

Alabama’s Forever Wild Land Trust continues to work to expand the number of recreational areas available to the public, so that present and future generations can enjoy quality-of-life opportunities in the outdoors. Don’t just be proud of your state. Get out and enjoy it. After all, these public lands belong to you.

Learn more about the Forever Wild Land Trust, its mission, its funding, and the many recreational and hunting opportunities available at

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