Economic Development Partnership of Alabama (EDPA)

Economic Development Partnership of Alabama (EDPA)
500 Beacon Parkway West
Birmingham, AL  35209

Phone:  205-943-4700
Fax:  205-943-4799


Bill Taylor, President

Economic Development Partnership of Alabama has been a catalyst for economic growth in the state. During that time, the Partnership contributed to Alabama’s greatest economic development successes. A totally private, non-profit organization, EDPA is uniquely positioned to partner with state, local and private entities involved in Alabama’s economic development efforts. EDPA provides services to companies looking to locate in the state, encourages emerging business development and assists companies and communities that want to improve their competitive edge.  EDPA’s primary focus is on helping the state attract and retain industry. EDPA fills a critical role in the industrial recruitment process by marketing and promoting Alabama as a business location, and by providing research, information and proposals to companies and consultants that are actively searching for a site. EDPA also works closely with Alabama communities and companies looking to become more competitive.

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