Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Website: www.hud.gov

Birmingham Field Office
Medical Forum Building
950 22nd Street North,
Suite 900
Birmingham, AL 35203

Phone: (205) 731-2617
Fax: (205) 731-2593
TTY: (800) 548-2546

HUD’s mission is to strive for a decent, safe, and sanitary home and suitable living environment for every American by:
1) Creating opportunities for ownership: 2) Providing housing assistance for low-income persons: 3) Working to create, rehabilitate and maintain the nations affordable housing: 4) Enforcing the nation’s fair housing laws: 5) Helping the homeless:  6) Spurring economic growth in distressed neighborhoods: 7) Helping local communities meet their development needs.

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