Testing Annual Report

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Below is information related to the narrative portion of the annual report. Once you’ve completed a Word document with that information, you can upload it using the form above.


We want to see projects the city is accomplishing, how they are funded, and local match to understand community’s contribution to projects. Information will be available from city hall and local non-profits. Provide as a list in word format or a spreadsheet with this information:

  • Source of grant
  • Amount of awarded grant funds
  • Local Match: cash and/or in-kind
  • Purpose of grant

Narrative Topics and Instructions

Provide a narrative word document to show activity in ACE program areas.  This information can be used for news stories on the ACE and city websites, to identify best practices to share, to provide case studies for grant applications, and to identify areas for future training. If your community does not have a report for a program area, you can state you have no report.


We want to see the city is continuing to participate in local programs to grow local leaders. Provide the following information. Information should be available from a leadership program director, Chamber of Commerce, or Mayor.

  • City or County program(s)
  • Number attending from community
  • Youth, Adult or Joint
  • Class Project
  • Name of Leadership Program Director
  • Name of Leadership Program Director/Contact for Agenda and Program Documentation

Strategic Planning

We want to see the city is using a strategic plan to implement programs and updating the plan as needed.

Provide copy of current strategic plan and strategic action plan.

Briefly describe the progress in implementing sections of the strategic plan, steering committee meetings to review progress, and updating sections as activities are implemented.  The strategic plan committee chairs should be able to assist in providing this information for their topic area.

The local ACE Coordinator could request a report from the chairs each year to help in strategic plan updates and for reporting to ACE, city council, and community.

Comprehensive Planning

We want to see the city is using an up-to-date comprehensive plan and making progress toward implementation.

Provide copy of the Comprehensive Plan if it has been updated since last annual report.

Briefly describe Comprehensive Plan projects in progress or completed such as infrastructure improvements, new or updated public facilities investments in your community, and new or updated land use ordinances.

The city planner, building inspector, planning commission chair, and Mayor are all sources of information for this report.

501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization

ACE communities are asked to designate a local 501(c)3 to assist city with funding opportunities for community development initiatives. Confirm the organization continues to have tax exempt status with IRS.

  • Name of designated nonprofit to work with the city on projects:
  • Is nonprofit status maintained?

Business/Economic Development

Provide information on the top two or three new businesses/expansions from the past year to show successful partnership, use of incentives, increase in employment, or filling a needed niche.  You can include anything from an industrial expansion resulting in 50 new jobs to a new downtown bakery creating three new jobs and filling a need to increase traffic in downtown.  Include any major job losses and plans to assist displaced employees and market vacated properties. Describe how the city is involved with workforce efforts with school system, area community colleges, local industries and regional workforce board.

The Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Development Board, school superintendent, and downtown revitalization organization would be a source for this information.

Education and Workforce

  • Provide copy of the school system’s most recent state report card.

Briefly describe any city programs or initiatives supporting and encouraging the school system to improve their offerings and performance.

The school superintendent, community college president, and industrial development board chair would be sources of information for this report. 

Retail Development (includes info for old Downtown Revitalization category)

Briefly describe your efforts to improve local retail districts, including downtown efforts, strip mall/big box store redevelopments,and/or new retail developments.  You can include information on business recruitment, infrastructure improvements, public art projects, special events, building rehabilitations and beautification.

The Chamber of Commerce, city planner, building inspector, local preservation commission chair, or downtown business association would be a source for this information.

Quality of Life/Aesthetics/Amenities

ACE communities strive to be unique and livable providing aesthetics and quality of life to its citizens. For the next generation these design elements and amenities are essential. Cities that offer a variety of features and opportunities in these areas will be favored by young families and the important labor segment moving to their community.

We don’t need a list of all your on-going local activities in this category. Briefly describe special events or new efforts towards any applicable areas:

  • Community recreation programs – update of ballfields and facilities, tournaments hosted, trails developed or enhanced
  • Cultural events – new or enhanced events like concerts, theatre, celebration honoring history/people/historic event; major activities by local arts council/cultural association
  • Amenities and Aesthetics – landscaping, sidewalks and connectivity, water feature, public park update, public art, walkability, connectivity projects

The Chamber of Commerce, parks and recreation department head, downtown and cultural organizations, and civic groups would be sources for this information.


Briefly describe efforts pertaining to progress on healthcare and provide information to address these questions:

  • Do people in the community, those with insurance, on Medicaid or Medicare, and the uninsured, have access to healthcare (primary care, mental health and dental)?
  • What plans are being implemented to address gaps in health care services?
  • What wellness programs are available in the community (silver sneakers, safe walking paths, YMCAs, fresh fruits and vegetables, farm to table, prevention/education programs for diabetes, hypertension, obesity, nutrition etc.)?
  • Are there barriers to healthcare access due to low-income residents, lack of transportation, aging healthcare providers, or other factors?

Hospital administrator, local healthcare providers, county health department, and emergency service providers would be sources of information.