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Thomasville, AL A Regional Model for Rural Success

Located 100 miles from the nearest urban center in one of Alabama’s poorest regions, Thomasville is shifting the narrative for a multi-county area within the Black Belt through collaboration, forward-thinking and steadfastly refusing to accept the status quo.

There’s no doubting Thomasville as an Alabama Community of Excellence

The town of Thomasville sits about 100 miles away from Mobile to the south, Montgomery to the east and Tuscaloosa to the north. Some might say this places the rural community in the middle of nowhere. Longtime Thomasville Mayor Sheldon Day prefers to say that the city actually is “in the center of everything.”


Thomasville was founded in 1888 and incorporated on November 24 of that year.It has its roots in the nearby community of Choctaw Corner. Choctaw Corner, dating back to the antebellum period, was a settlement west of what would become Thomasville, but w …