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About Headland

Marvel at our majestic oaks that blanket the park lawn with cool shadows on a summer evening. If you look closely, you might catch a glimpse of a robin or cardinal as they fly from branch to branch.

The City of Headland did not become an established city until after the Civil War. When Confederate veteran, James Joshua Head (1839–1927) moved to the area he patented land, plotted the town and built his home.

The people of the town referred to this area as “Head’s Land” and when the Post Office opened on October 10, 1871, Headland was officially established . For many years Headland remained a small community. However, being surrounded by rich farm land the area had an agricultural boom and in 1912 operated the largest Cotton Oil Mill.

Today, Headland is the largest city in Henry County and is known as the Gem of the Wiregrass and a Good Place to Live.

Don’t miss these things to do while visiting Headland.

  1. Ravenwood Sporting Clays
  2. Todd Syrup Farm and Country Store
  3. Pawsfest
  4. Headland Harvest Day Festival
  5. Headland Country Club Inc.
  6. Daylily Art and Garden Festival
  7. Dothan Area Botanical Gardens
  8. Landmark Park
  9. Southern Cross Ranch
  10. Tumbleweed Ranch


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