Lake Point Hiking Trail – Passport to Fitness


The start of the Lake Point Trail is on Heflin’s 18 hole Lake Point Disc Golf Course. The hiking trail is accessed by walking along the scenic Cahulga dam surrounded by the lake on one side and spillway on the other. The trail meets an incline ascending a mountain that will border the Talladega National Forest for a mile. A bench and sign mark the end of the first mile. The trail is wooded and is intended to be a hiking trail not a walking trail. There are restrooms, a fishing pier, picnic area, disc golf course, and a boat ramp on the Lake Point Trail. Only non-gas motors are allowed on the lake, so it makes a great lake for canoeing, kayaking, or using a troll motor. Fishing permits are allowed and no swimming is allowed in the lake. The Lake Point Trail is filled with wildlife such as deer, turkey, fox, and a wide variety of birds.

Hours/Days of Availability: Sunday – Saturday | Mountain Street, Heflin, AL, 256-463-5434
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