Elba students credentialed as Microsoft Office Specialists in PowerPoint

Elba High School’s Business Education Program recently credentialed 27 students as a Microsoft Office Specialist in PowerPoint through the Microsoft IT Academy.
“This credential was not easy for students to receive. They have to work hard and practice for weeks to prepare for the credentialing test,” said Martha Crawford, business education teacher. “I am so proud of these students and how well they have done.”

The credential will enable students to enter the job force better prepared and will ensure employers that the students they hire are qualified. “Having this credential looks good on college applications and scholarship forms,” said student Malik Kelley. “It was a challenging class, but I am so proud that I passed and became a specialist.”
Brittany Compton added, “I was so nervous taking the test and so relieved when I passed.”

During the 2013-2014 school year, students will have the opportunity to credential in Word and PowerPoint. Next year Excel will be added so a student can potentially earn three different credentials. “Career Technical programs are designed to prepare students for productive futures while meeting industry needs for certified employees,” said Christina Morgan, Elba’s Career Tech director. “27 students are now ready and qualified to work due to the credentials they have earned through the Microsoft IT Academy.”