A-Plus Research Foundation

A-Plus Research Foundation
P.O. Box 4433
Montgomery, AL  36103

Street Address: 1 Retail Drive, 3rd Floor West
Montgomery, AL 36110

Phone: (334) 279-1886
Fax: (334) 279-1543

Website: http://aplusala.org

A+ is composed of two organizations: The A+ Education Foundation and A+ Coalition for Better EducationThe A+ Education Foundation is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in public education in Alabama at the K-12 level. It studies all aspects of public education in Alabama and is involved in hands-on efforts to work with and for schools, school systems and individual educators committed to excellence in education. Several task forces are in place to spur effective educational reform   A+: The Coalition for Better Education is a grassroots, citizen-based advocacy organization dedicated to working for comprehensive education reform in Alabama. The A+ Coalition was established seven years ago by a diverse group of Alabama citizens committed to bringing about educational excellence in our state. There is now a base of thousands of members across the state that champion education reform. (Contributions to A+, on advice of counsel, may be deductible as a business expense.)

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